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Love Your Home

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Let Your Home Reflect YOU

Display what you love. Use color freely, and don’t be afraid to break the rules. More important than creating that magazine perfect room is making certain your home is a reflection of you.

Tell A Story

Display the story of you and where you have been. What items do you treasure? What do you collect? Find a spot where you can display your collections with pride. What and who is important to you? Show us.

Break the Rules

Interior Decorating has a lot of rules about how to create a home that’s pleasing to the eye. These rules are to guide you but don’t take them too seriously by going for the perfect. Add personality and break some rules.

Make Your Home Unique

There should always be items in your home that are unique or one of a kind. What makes you different or sets you apart?

Color, color, color!!!

Probably the most feared element in decorating. Let me make it easy for you. “All colors go together.” You can decorate with almost any colors and make them look good together. Play with colors to find combinations pleasing to the eye but use color freely. We spend too much time worrying about what goes with what. Patterns, colors, textures. Mix them up. I’d rather see variety and interest than boring.  Get some ideas from our inspiration page.

Be Confident

Be confident in your style and taste. We tend to go “safe” which can be boring. Don’t try to copy someone else. Decorate with things you love and you will be amazed how a room can pull itself together.

Be Passionate About What You Love And Your Home Will Be A Beautiful Reflection Of You!

-Kerri Keufler | Made in the Shade Blinds of South Central Alberta